This is the start of the map "test6.grd"

map test6.grd start

This is the near start of the same map. Note the ceiling above the (red) start point ist CS' plasma procedural texture

map test6.grd start2

You can see the finish point of the map here. Note that the ground is plasma again :)

map test6.grd end

Same room again..

map test6.grd end II

Some shots from "test25.grd"

map test25.grd 1 map test25.grd 2 map test25.grd 3 map test25.grd 4 map test25.grd end 1 map test25.grd end 2

Map's finish room

map test25.grd finish

Now some shots from "test35.grd"

map test35.grd 1 map test35.grd 2
So, that's it. Some people may have noticed a few glitches in lighting.

<Technical mode on>

I think there is a still bug in lighting calculation with sector borders in CS.

<Technical mode off >

The maps here are auto-generated but i've changed some textures by hand. They are all in the package with the source of grid2cs.