Crystal Space Joystick Plugin - Windows

Crystal Space currently lacks a joystick plugin for windows. I ask why? Programming a simple joystick plugin was no problem for me- especially since there is a linux joystick plugin already..

Update: There is a version of joywin in the latest CVS of CS, which is newer than the version here.

So here it is: (about 6 KBytes - updated: 2003/10/16)

Here is a small testing app for Joysticks: joytest (also ca. 6 KBytes - updated: 2003/10/16)

While the plugin is windows only - it uses DirectInput - the testing joytest app should run on linux, too. It is a modified version of the simple2 tutorial example.


Installation for MingW/Msys and Cygwin users:
  1. Create a directory for joywin
  2. Unzip into that directory
  3. Copy cs-config from CS directory into joywin's directory
  4. Make sure that CRYSTAL environment variable is set correctly
  5. goto joywin's directory and type make
  6. (optional) copy joywin.dll and joywin.csplugin into CS directory
Installation for MSVC is not so easy but there is a document in CS/doc describing how to generate an "external plugin/application" in CS using MSVC. I can't help you here as I do not have MSVC.
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