Windows VFW Decoder plugin

Warning: OUTDATED!

Warning Wincodec does NOT work with current 0.96 Release of CS! It was made using an older release and there is no update as of yet.

I do not recommend downloading any of the files below, they won't work.

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This plugin is a decoder plugin for Crystal Space. It uses VFW api.

Installation (sorry, MingW32 / Cygwin ONLY):

  1. Unzip in your CS\ folder.
  2. place libvfw32.a in your folder (see below)
  3. Add the lines
    PLUGINS.DYNAMIC += video/format/codecs/wincodec
    PLUGINS.DYAMIC += video/format/avi

    to your CS\mk\local.mak file (may not exist yet- just create a file with the 2 lines then).
  4. Do "make -k all"
  5. Do "scfreg wincodec.dll"
  6. Try csvid with some avi video. The video file must be named "video.avi" in the CS/data folder.
That's it!

BUG BUG Only OpenGL supported, wincodec will not display correct in Software mode.

Only a few codecs work due to limitations in CS' AVI reader plugin.


There are a few problems with VFW and MingW32/Cygwin. You need to replace the libvfw32.a file. The original file points to "VFW32.DLL", which does not exist. But it exists under the name "MSVFW32.DLL" in your WINDOWS\SYTEM or WINDOWS\SYTEM32 folder. So the new libvfw32.a file points to "MSVFW32.DLL". If you have the sources of the WIN32 API (for Cygwin), you can make the change yourself. Just replace VF32.DLL with MSVFW32.DLL in the first line of the file "VFW32.DEF". That's all!

If you don't have the sources, you can download my libvfw32.a and place it correctly:

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